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Hijab is the scarf- like head cover that conceals the hair leaving the face unveiled. Muslim women use the Hijab to cover the head and sometimes part of the shoulders or part of the face compliance to the modesty standard set by the Quran. Hijab comes in many different design, styles,color and sizes.

Hijab comes from the Muslim World and it comes from the word "hajaba" meaning to hide from being seen or conceal. The Hijab is also called Islamic veil or prayer shawl, or even sometimes is called Khimar.

A Muslim woman who covers her head by wearing Hijab or scarf is making a statement about her identity. Anyone who sees her wearing Hijab will know that she is a Muslim and has a good moral character. Many Muslim women who cover (Put Hijab) are filled with dignity and self esteem; they are pleased to be identified as a Muslim woman. As a chaste, modest, pure woman, she does not want her sexuality to enter into interactions with men in the smallest degree. A woman who covers her head with hijab and herself is concealing her sexuality but allowing her femininity to be brought out.

The hijab makes for greater purity for the hearts of believing men and women because it screens against the desire of the heart. Without the hijab, the heart may or may not desire. That is why the heart is more pure when the sight is blocked (by hijab) and thus the prevention of fitna (evil actions is very much manifested. The hijab cuts off the ill thoughts and the greed of the sick hearts. Have a look our unique colorful hijabs collection online.

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