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Abaya for men

We have a huge and exclusive range of Abaya or Jilbab, a loose over-garment worn by Muslims to fulfill their obligation of Islamic dress. These long dresses or robes can be worn over regular clothing. Similar to women, the men are also advised to keep their heads covered and dress up modestly. We have a wide range of scarves or turbans used by Muslim men to cover their heads. Visit us for Ghutra or Kuffiyya, the checkered head scarf and Taqiyah or the crochet cap.

One of the most important aspects while picking up abayas for men is the choice of colors. It’s not just the colors that compliment you but also the proper colors for the event to be attended and of course the season has to be kept in mind. For instance, wearing a dark-colored abayas during the hot summer days can turn out to be a fashion faux. For summers, we have a large variety in yellow, beiges, pastels or other muted colors that are not bothering to the eye. For winters, you can choose from our range of louder shades such as rusts or black. We make sure that the color of the item appearing on a computer screen is the true color of the Abaya for men. The brightness or the other settings do not distort the color. We ensure that the Abaya for men you choose is color fast and you do not end up having wasted your money.

We help you choose the right fabric for the Abaya. For instance, for winters, the Abaya should be of thick fabric. There are hundreds of different fabrics for Abaya for men and it is difficult to understand or recognize all of them, but we make things simpler for you by selecting the most comfortable fabric to suit the seasonal variation.

To add to the decorativeness, a bit of embroidery in a few different colors is added to the Abaya. We understand the modern trends and bring the latest collection of Abaya for men to your doorstep.

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Abaya is a traditional Arabian Islamic Clothing dress, designed in full body length and can be worn instead of Jilbab. Unlike other islamic clothing Abaya is mostly made of black fabric embroidered, beaded or plane, sometimes on the front and sleeves. Though, Abaya is known to be common wear for Muslim women, men and children in the Gulf countries and Saudi, they are now gaining popularity in many other parts of the Arab World and else where. dishdash, galabia, thoube.
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On Sale For: $55.00 dishdash, galabia, thoube.
Regular Price: $60.00
On Sale For: $55.00 dishdash, galabia, thoube.
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